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1150 Delsea Drive, Suite 3,
Deptford, NJ, 08093

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About the Owners

Kathleen Settembrino & Dawn Tuthill " The Seternus " sisters! They were born and raised in South Jersey! Being from Jersey a tan is a must! They both fell in love with beauty products at a very young age. The girls would rub their Grandmother's foundation all over their legs, arms, and face. Of course they had the right idea but the wrong products. Kathy and Dawn absolutely LOVE the sun! After many years of laying on the beach or floating in the pool reality set in when Kathy had been diagnosed with Melanoma on her leg. After many procedures and getting a deep cut on her leg she was told by her Doctor to stay out of the sun. As you could imagine she was scared and completely heartbroken. The sisters were introduced to the Spray Tanning Industry about 8 years ago. They couldn't believe how quick, easy and safe it was. Not to mention they left with a beautiful golden tan. Kathy could not stop talking about opening a spray tanning business since her first session.

Kathy and Dawn LOVE helping others and wanting them to feel good about themselves and discussed opening up a beauty business for many years. After many years of researching the Spray Tanning Industry they both were properly trained and certified. They now jumped in full force to make their dream a reality. This is a family business and will treat each and every customer like they're a part of the family!

We are both extremely EXCITED and can't wait to meet you.

Dawn Tuthill on left Kathleen Settembrino on right

Dawn Tuthill on Left
Kathleen Settembrino on Right